Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Fall Colored Wedding

My Beautiful Friends post was just a small preview of the fun to be had at Lissa Bee and Officer Jack's Wedding. They created a lot of the things seen around the wedding themselves or with the help of friends and family. I love when couple's do this, because it makes everything so personal and special. As you can see above, fall colors were everywhere! Sister of the Bride Lil'Jess made fabulous centerpieces below for all the tables with different photos of the couple on each table attached to a pumpkin and paired with a bouquet of fall flowers.

Their cake also featured a very unique cake topper with the bride and groom poised to shoot. Lissa Bee and Officer Jack met when they both joined the Capitol Police Force about 3 years ago.

The Bride and Groom also really love them some tattoos. In fact one of the first things Lissa Bee ever told me about Jack was how beautiful his leg was because of the gorgeous tattoo on it! Here you can see some of the Bride's ink as she breaks it down on the dance floor!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beautiful Friends

Last night my friend Lissa Bee wed her true love Officer Jack. The whole day was amazing. Another friend of ours officiated and started the day off with an extremely personal ceremony. We all laughed as Lissa Bee swiftly kicked her train out of her way and tossed a grin over her shoulder. Tears were in large supply as the Bride and Groom exchanged their vows and shared their first kiss as man and wife. As they walked down the aisle, Lissa Bee raised her bouquet in victory and let out a cheer. The reception was also a rockin' time. Highlights included a garter removal not to be forgotten as the groom found a flip flop, spoon, condoms, and finally a garter hidden in Lissa's dress. I'm in the middle of taking out the red eye and sharpening the photos now, so a full post is to come later this week. It was a beautiful day with cherished friends and lots of special moments. Congrats you married lady!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bridespot - Lissa Bee

Well Miss Eliza Blu, Here is my wedding story!

The most fun part of wedding planning for me (so far) has been picking the dress, theme, colors, favors, etc. Of course the most fun will be actually getting married! It was wonderful to make things what I wanted them to be, and how I wanted to do it. I had a vision in my head and tried to create it. I wasn't ready for people to get mad at me, expect me to use their opinions, or have my wedding be how they thought it should be. Officer Jack and I have learned compromise through out this whole process, and have enjoyed it. We have had our bumps in the road with the planning of our wedding, but other than that, everything was pretty smooth. I can't believe I am getting married in 12 days. What's my biggest triumph you ask? Besides paying for most of the wedding ourselves! And besides marrying the man of my dreams! Hehe. Well that would be hand-making lots of stuff for the wedding! I handmade all my wedding favors, and I am helping make the dessert. Now, what will I do after it is all over? :-)


Bride Lissa Bee

Thanks for sharing! I can't believe you'll be a Married Lady soon. This is a very special first Bridespot as Lissa Bee has been a friend for over 10 years. She is also very modest, she printed her invites at home (you can see them featured in the DIY Invites post), homemade pumpkin butter for her favors and embellished 100s of little jars, AND she decorated her very own pair of white shoes seen in here. She is a DIY Bride Machine.

In addition, she made beautiful gifts for her bridesmaids, which I will post photos of after her wedding, as not to ruin the surprise. I can't wait to be there to see you and Officer Jack tie the knot!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slow Down

All week this week per head costs, shower dates, stationery designs and linen colors have been like bouncing balls in my head and suddenly they all just stopped. I was proofing next week's Bridespot and WHAM, I thought to myself, "What is all this stuff? This fog of flowers, satin, and pointy shoes! How did I get here?" I used to be the girl that said all you need is love, and now I'm just as bad as those Brides I hate. The Brides who steamroll their fiances or bully their family into over spending. Only it's crazier, I'm not even a Bride. My friend Michael says I feel for people more than anyone he knows, and for the first time I really see what he means. Because I'm so blessed to have friends I love who let me help them register or dress shop, my mind gets churning, and I run away with myself. I forget what the marriage is really about. So tonight I'm slowing down.

Today I've decided, I need to stop making grand predictions. I used to think I could see it, when a couple had "it," when they were going to make it. But lately I've seen couples I would have bet my life on fail, because of lies, distrust, health disasters, other people in their way, yet until the very end they looked perfect. They looked happy. They had it all--a perfect home, friends who got along, people to support them, (seemingly) love, but it didn't work. As a single girl I occasionally ask myself, will "this" happen for me? This being the dream guy. This being the beautiful big day. This being the big break up you never see coming. I wonder do those people with the unhappy ending, do they know where it all went awry? Can they look back and say, "There! That's where the train derailed"? Or is it just as mysterious when you're in it as it is to the onlookers?

When the bouncing stopped tonight I was reading that a Bride's greatest triumph was marrying the man she loved, the man of her dreams (not getting her dress for a steal or finding a photographer for under 4 grand). So often our relationships, romantic or otherwise, are less and less about the people we love. The relationships become about the fog. Tonight I've come through the Brigadoon, the spotlight is back where it belongs. It's on the love.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Venue of the Month - Radnor Hunt

Our first Venue of the Month comes to us from Bride Shortcake and Groom Slim Jim. Their wedding reception in June 2010 will be held at Radnor Hunt.

Name: Radnor Hunt.
Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania.
Rental Fee: $3000.
# of Hours you get for that fee: 5 (extra hours: $250/hour).
Recommended Caterer: J. Scott Catering.
Grand Main Ballroom Capacity: 220 sit down; 250+ cocktail.
Petite Ballroom Capacity: 80 sit down; 100+ cocktail.
Any Limitations/Rules: You must use their bar packages for any alcohol since they have a Liquor License. They have 2 packages: One for just Beer and Wine; another for Beer, Wine, and Liquor. Events must end by 12midnight.
Outside Caterer allowed: Yes, but with a fee.
# of events per day: One.
Parking: Yes --optional valet with added fee.
Outdoor Space: Yes --Covered and uncovered Patio space, as well as open grassy areas. Pictured above and below.
Separate Cocktail Space: Yes --The Petite Ballroom. Ceremony Site: Yes --both outdoor and indoor.
Bridal Suite: Yes.
Air conditioned: Yes.
Handicap Accessible: Ballroom and Cocktail area --Yes. Bridal Suite --No.
Overnight accommodations: No.
Nearby accommodations: The Desmond Hotel.

Grand Ballroom
Petite Ballroom/Cocktail Space

Special Comments from the Bride: "The natural light in the ballrooms at Radnor is amazing, and I love the wainscoting in the main ballroom. This Venue has true Chester County Charm!"

All photos taken by Bride Shortcake. Thanks Lady!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Calling all Brides!

I'm starting two new feature sections this month. The first will be called Venue of the Month. This series will highlight a fantastic venue in the Philadelphia area (NJ, DE, and MD borders too). So if you are getting married in the tri-state area and want to nominate your venue please email me at with VENUE in the subject line. Please include the name, location of your venue, and the name of the event contact person, and I will do the rest. This feature will run each month on the 10th.

Our first Venue of the Month will appear very soon! It comes to us from Bride-to-be Shortcake, who you may have seen around the page before (Philly Knottie Event). She is (probably, awaiting fiance approval) getting married in June 2010 at The Radnor Hunt Club in Malvern, PA.

The second feature section is called Bridespot. This will be a guest post by a current Bride-to-be or newly wed. Your post can be about anything your heart desires related to your Bridal experience! For example, you can share with the Something Blu community any of the following... What are you struggling with planning? What has been the most fun about wedding planning? What have you learned about your partner since you got engaged? What did you not expect to encounter while planning your wedding? What has been your biggest triumph?

Please submit Bridespot guest posts to with BRIDESPOT in the subject line. Accepted posts will be notified and credit will be given, not to worry.

I can't wait to hear from all of you!!
<3, Eliza Blu