Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bachelorette Party for Shortcake!

In a few weeks I'll be hosting Shortcake's Bachelorette Party. I have several things to work on for this party including a homemade veil and sash, so stay tuned. Again I picked up invites at Target, for about $1 each. These are made by Papyrus. They are pink and green, as you can see and even have glitter on them. I love glitter!!! This one I kept for myself because I made a little mistake with the address, whoops! But all the others were perfect.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recipe Shower Invites

Today I threw a surprise shower for my best friend, Shortcake. I'd been dying to post about this but the party was a surprise, so I had to wait.

I picked up these lovely invites at Target for about $1 each. The picture isn't as sharp as I'd like but each invite is blue with a wedding dress on it. Each one had a satin bow or piece of lace on it as well. So pretty!! I wrote in all the information for the party by hand, but I'm sure I could have ran them through a printer as well. I couldn't resist picking up the matching thank you notes for the Bride. I included them as part of her gift and labeled them with the guests' addresses in advance. The Bride loves to cook, so I sent blank recipe cards to each guest and asked them to bring them to the shower, filled in with their favorite recipe.

The party was a total success!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Busy Wedding Guest

Currently my fridge has 4 shower invites, 3 save the date magnets, 3 save the date postcards and a photo from a wedding I went to last year. Isn't it pretty?

So yes Wedding Season has begun! And that means lots of dates to remember, presents to wrap, errands to run, people to call, dresses to be steamed and dancing shoes to polish. I am determined this year to be a super organized wedding guest and bridesmaid. Admittedly I'm pretty organized all the time, but wedding season requires OCD level organizatoin. I'm gonna go on record and say that I use files. Every wedding I'm invited to gets a file - in it goes any save the date, invites to pre-wedding parties, receipts from gifts, travel documents if needed, and my notes on stuff I need to do for that particular wedding like alter a dress, write a speech, or make a slideshow. Usually party invites and save the dates are on the fridge until the party happens and the wedding invite arrives. I just made my master to-do list for the next few weeks this evening and it's massive. It includes gifts needing to be ordered, RSVPs to be completed, DIY projects to complete, dresses to be altered and bachlorette parties to plan. I've got a lot of head of me, and it's gonna be fun!!!