Friday, September 4, 2009

Registries to Love

I love shopping for my friends wedding gifts probably a lot more than a normal person should. I get totally involved in looking at the registry and finding a gift that means something to me and to them. I also try to link things together (as evidenced by my last post). But I digress, this post is about the fabulous-ness that is Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy's.

Last night I went to BB & B to get a wedding gift, shower gift and engagement gift from three different registries for three events occurring this month and next. Because my schedule is crazy, I arrived at the store at 8pm. Expecting the wedding counter to not be staffed I went to one of the regular checkouts to ask for registries to be printed. HOWEVER, the wedding counter was still open and the sweetest gentleman nicely printed all three registries for me (and none were particularly easy to find since apparently my friends have either common names or ridiculously hard to spell names). I was totally impressed with the customer service. Then I very easily found the gifts I wanted and was even able to get gift wrap at 9 o'clock at night. It's all about the little things in life folks!

In general I love when people register at BB & B because there is a such a variety of items as well as a variety of price ranges, which I find is very important to guests of different life stages. Also ordering online is easy and fast if you can't get to the store. Both the store and website allow you to do one credit card purchase although items may be from more than one registry and they even offered to ship my in store purchase to the different Brides and Grooms for free!! I knew I could ship from the web to the couple but not from the store... I was like a kid on Christmas. Since I go to a lot of weddings and pre-wedding festivities anything that saves me time and energy is a plus. Also I like shopping, so I have fun going to the store, but many wedding guests don't like shopping, and even they could quickly purchase and ship a gift through the BB & B system. So if you're looking for somewhere to register BB & B gets my vote!

A second registry I can't get enough of is Macy's. Admittedly this is partially because their China department is my guilty pleasure, but their stores and websites are very user friendly too. I have also ordered from multiple registries in one purchase on their website and in store. (A friend recently had trouble doing it in store, but I think the clerk just wasn't versed in how to do it.) Macy's obviously has more of a selection when it comes to certain items (dishware, china, and housewares) being a larger department store. Also tends to have the fancier more exclusive things you might need as a new couple. Overall, I think the greatest invention for Macy's,
BB & B or any other registry system is the "Ship to couple" feature. If you're not attending the wedding or shower, it takes all the work out of how your gift will arrive, and even if you are attending you don't have to worry about carrying it or breaking it on the plane. So a second vote goes out to Macy's Bridal Department.

Photo is of one gift wrapped by BB & B, one by me and the third gift I shipped to the couple!


  1. Another reason to register with Macy's... If you sign up for a Visa card with them as well as registering (you don't have to charge anything on the Visa, just open the account) you get 10% of what your guests spend on your wedding gifts back in gift cards!! That's free money! Your friends and family are buying you stuff no matter what, why not get some extra cash to use for the items that don't get chosen, or just anything else you want to buy.

  2. Thanks Mrs. Rachel Hall for the above tip!

  3. Love you blog! Its cute :-)