Monday, February 15, 2010

A Blizzard Bride

Unless you've been living under a rock the past two weeks, you've got some snow on your shoes. Amidst all this record setting precipitation was my dear friend Katie's wedding to her fiance Matt. Katie planned their whole wedding in less than four months due to Matt's impending deployment, so a little blizzard was not throwing off her plan. She was focused, she was ready, and she was getting married!

The February 6th, 2010 Blizzard brought down 25+ inches on our little Philadelphia suburb. Don't believe me? Here is my dad with the snow blower and that's my car, 3 hours before the wedding. After I confirmed with a bridesmaid that it was in fact happening, we had to dig out, while it was STILL snowing.

I left my father's house at 1:40pm for a 3pm wedding. I got stuck about 100 yards from the church and a nice man helped push me out. I think my cocktail dress and snow boot combo was a clear cry for help, haha. I arrived at the church, after an 8 mile drive, at 2:50pm. I have NEVER in all my wedding going days, arrived so close to show time. Thankfully we were operating on snow time, and everyone was late, so I was cool. In all the commotion of digging out and driving through the tundra I hadn't charged my digi (professional wedding guest FAIL). Thankfully, I own a Blackberry Tour with a fab camera, crisis adverted. I waved to the high school buds, skated to my seat on the arm of a cute groomsman, and claimed my spot on the aisle.

Now let it be said, the Lord has a sense of humor. Katie is a mountain climber, camper, and all around out doorsy gal. She once got lost in the woods by herself at night on a mountain with no supplies and survived some seriously cold temps by walking around all night and navigating by the stars. If anyone can handle 2 feet of snow on her wedding day, she can. The photo below says it all... Blizzard 0, Katie 100.

The warmth radiating from Katie's face as she walked down the aisle melted the remaining snow on our shoulders, and we forgot all about the snow emergency. The Minister opened the ceremony with a "Nice day for a white wedding" joke, and Katie and Matt glowed as they exchanged their vows with smiles on their faces.

On the way to the reception, I was pulled over by a police officer--as were the photographer and a few other guests! We were all instructed to go home immediately, nods and a "Yes sir" followed while we held crossed fingers behind our backs! At the reception, we were greeted by yummy food and drink courtesy of the Downingtown Country Club. Their staff put on a great show, with an immaculately plowed driveway, valet service and a coat check that accepted snow boots without even blinking. Here are a few shots from the reception:

What an amazing day! Love you Katie.

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