Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What to Wear? A Jersey Winery Wedding

My cousin Katie is getting married in early October at a very traditional Catholic Church in central NJ and then her reception is at a nearby winery.  I'm especially excited about this wedding b/c my sister Allison Eve is her photographer, check her out!  Again I need your help deciding what to wear. I've been thinking of wearing this black dress with pearl embroidery.  My friend L.A. has a great Milly dress with pearl embroidery that inspired this purchase. Her dress was a huge hit at a black tie wedding where I was a Bridesmaid in July. Some people frown on wearing black to weddings (unless it's black tie of course) and admittedly I am one of them especially in the summer, but in fall and winter I embrace the classic black. It's also easy to mix up a simple black dress with pearls, turquoise jewelery, or a colorful sash. Fellow Bloggers, what are your thoughts on wearing black at weddings?  I'm also considering wearing the Banana purple and black dress from the WTW post in August. The BR dress received lots of votes last time and I do love it (mostly b/c it's purple), but in the end it just wasn't right for the Labor Day outdoor party setting. So we will give it another chance. Here are your two options, vote away!!!

Simple and classic. Maggy London, Steinmart sale, $59

 I was thinking this could be cool, because it's sorta the color of red wines... haha. Banana Republic, clearance, $49


  1. I love the purple! But of course you look good in anything Nancy:)

  2. Thanks Beth!! I do love the purple as well. Let's get the other ladies to vote too!!!

  3. Please go purple. You look fabulous in that dress. I like your hair like that, too!