Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bridezillas, Eh?

This one is for you Erin.

Truthfully I have not encountered any true blue blooded Bridezillas in my time as a Bridesmaid or wedding guest. PTL. However, I have seen a few Brides on the edge under certain circumstances. Here are some things I've known even the most serene Brides to growl at:

1. Moms (mostly their own but occasionally the Groom's)
2. Money
3. Other people's ideas and traditions being pushed on YOUR wedding
4. Guest List Size
5. Shoes
6. Hairstyles/Veils
7. Pictures - angles, who's in them, how many, etc.
8. Bridesmaid dresses
9. Your weight/dress size
10. ???

What drove you nuts planning your wedding? Or what have you seen Brides get wacky over? Lmk I need #10

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  1. I got a few questions about the "PTL" abbrev, so to let you all know it's short for "Praise the Lord." It's a favorite abbrev. of my dear friend Sara Randall Hill (whose wedding I had the pleasure of being in last fall). Heart you girl!