Saturday, May 15, 2010

DIY Bachelorette Accessories Part 2

To continue my DIY Bachelorette crafting this week, I also picked up supplies to make a veil at Michaels. I bought 1 yard each of a pink sparkly tulle and white sparkly tulle. Luckily I had given the Bride-to-Be a tiara as a Birthday gift a few years ago, so I borrowed that from her. I also grabbed some sequins I had from a shirt I bought a while back. I don't think I will actually need to replace them on the shirt anytime soon.

I began by ironing the pieces of tulle and then folded them in quarters. I cut the bottom of each color, rounding out the corner without a fold (right side here). I also cut along the long edge (top seen here) to make it slightly rounded. As seen below:

Once unfolded all the way the piece was basically a large oval. Folding it in quarters allowed me to cut it once and have it all be symmetrical. Think about when you folded paper to cut a heart as a child!

Next I took the each oval and folded it in half. Then I folded them individually accordion style, with the folded edge at the top:
This allowed me to gather the wide piece into a smaller bunch. Now I began to sew the tulle to the tiara. The tiara had zig zags, which made it very easy to use. I began with the pink tulle and held the folded edge of the fabric, still folded accordion style and put one stitch through all the layers of the tulle, effectively binding them together. Then I set out to attach it to the tiara. I started at one end and simply weaved it in and out and then repeated the process with the white tulle. The end was result was not something fit for a wedding day, but for my first attempt at making a veil, I thought it turned out great. Also I saved myself some cash. Veils with tiaras, which I saw online, were $20-$30 with shipping. I made this for a grand total of $15.

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